Weddings and DJs

Are you the wedding planning couple looking to add a little something extra to your ceremony or reception? We have a selection of lighting and sound packages to enhance your wedding, add a little color, or make the dance floor the place to be. We’ve got gobos to display your names, initials, or preferred wedding symbol on the walls, ceiling, or floor. We’ve got speakers and subwoofers to amp up the dancing mood and lighting to brighten up the dance floor.

DJs: Are you short a speaker or subwoofer? We've got you covered. Looking for some additional lights you only need for one gig? We've got a range of those too. Or maybe you’re looking to purchase some gently used equipment. If so, be sure to check out our eBay store; everything listed is either brand new or high quality used equipment.

Whether you’re familiar with the equipment or you’ve worked with it for years, give us a call and we’ll discuss every detail. And when you pick up your rental, we’ll walk you through how to use it to its fullest potential. We’ll work with you to make your wedding or gig spectacular. Give us a call at 717-721-6901 or click the button below, and we’ll get started on your quote.