Cheerleading & Dance Events

Your talented cheerleaders and dancers are the stars of the show. But what if there was a way to elevate their performance, to excite the audience and make them feel the thrills and adrenaline rush as well?

That’s where ISL comes in. Your performers and audience are important to you, and the audiovisual experience is important to us; for your event, those two things go hand in hand, which is why we’d make a great team. We’ve got moving lights to add drama, speakers and subwoofers to make performers and spectators alike feel the music pounding in their chest, and video walls to display the name of the cheerleading or dance team or the name of the event to add to the atmosphere of the environment. When you call to get your quote, we’ll work with you to provide the high-end equipment and production team you need for the best possible price. We've done sound, lighting, staging, and/or video wall production for cheer companies like Epic Brands, Star Power, The World Dance Pageant, Imagine National Dance Challenge, and more. Take a look at our Cheerleading and Dance Gallery to view past competitions we've run production for. Give us a call at 717-721-6901 or click the button below, and we’ll get started on you quote.